Chicken and Apricot Curry

A quick and rich curry

Rating: (1)Serves: 4Serve With: Rice, NaanCooking Method: SautéReady In: 50 mins Prep Time: 20 mins Cook Time: 30 mins
Energy Density
19g / serving
4.6g / serving
32g / serving
1.3g / serving
12g / serving
Suitable for:FreezerHalalLong-lifePartyPregnancyQuick

I threw this together in a race against time and as it turned out really well I made a note of what it was. Note that whilst the recipe nutrition shows that the recipe is high in sugar almost all of this comes from the dried apricots. Apricots are a good source of Vitamin A and potassium. They also contain a lot of fibre. They do not have added 'free sugar' and as such have a low glycemic index. In short - this is the kind of sugary food that you are absolutely ok to eat. The health benefits of the other properties easily outweigh the apparent sugar numbers.


  1. Finely dice the onion and sauté gently in 1-2tbsp olive oil for approx 10 mins.
  2. After 5 mins add around 100ml of water
  3. After 10 mins transfer the onions to a microwave safe bowl and microwave on full power for 5 minutes
  4. Deseed the peppers and cut into pieces around 2cm x 2cm.
  5. Cut the chicken into 2cm cubes
  6. Sauté the peppers on a medium-high heat in the same pan used for the onions. Add a little more oil if needed. The aim is to slightly blacken the peppers whilst leaving them firm
  7. Once the onion is microwaved, very thoroughly blend into a smooth purée - this can take 2-3 minutes or more
  8. Heat the coconut milk in a large deep pan until bubbling gently
  9. Stir in the garlic-ginger paste well and cook on medium-high heat for around 1 minute
  10. Reduce the heat to medium-low
  11. Stir in the panch poran and restaurant mix and ensure mixed in well
  12. Add the fish sauce, sambal oelek and harissa paste to ensure the mix isn't too dry
  13. Add in 1tbsp of the garam masala, the madras curry powder and the tandoori masala and stir well
  14. Add a little water if the mix is too dry and turn the heat back up to medium-high
  15. Add in half of the blended onion mix and stir in well - it should spit
  16. After 1 minute add in the rest of the blended onion
  17. Add in the chicken, keeping the heat on medium-high. There should be enough sauce to cover all the chicken
  18. Cook with a lid on for around 10 minutes
  19. Add in the peppers and apricots and cook for a further 5-10 minutes
  20. Stir in a second tbsp of garam masala and then serve




      Nutritional Facts

      • Serving size: 543.1g
      • (23% / 29%)   Calories: 577kcal
      • (35%)Total fat: 19g
      • (23%)   Saturated fat: 4.6g
      • (28%)   Unsaturated fat: 9.9g
      •     Mono: 7.7g
      •     Poly: 2.2g
      • (43%)   Cholesterol: 128mg
      •   Trans Fat: 0g
      • (21%)Total carbohydrates: 62g
      •   Starch: 0g
      • (107%)   Sugars: 32g
      •     Sucrose: 5.8g
      •     Glucose: 19g
      •     Maltose: 0g
      •     Lactose: 0g
      •     Fructose: 8.5g
      •     Galactose: 0g
      • (48%)   Fibre: 12g
      • (92%)Protein: 46g
      • Salts
      • (26%)   Sodium: 525mg
      • (52%)   Potassium: 1.8g
      • Minerals
      • Calcium: 36%
      • Iron: 76%
      • Zinc: 21%
      • Magnesium: 39%
      • Phosphorus: 75%
      • Copper: 33%
      • Manganese: 12%
      • Selenium: 470%
      • Fluoride: 0%
      • Cryptoxanthin: 0.3g
      • Lycopene: 0%
      • Lutein: 0.2g
      • Vitamins
      • Vitamin A: 291µg
      • Thiamin (B1): 17%
      • Riboflavin (B2): 33%
      • Niacin (B3): 127%
      • Vitamin B5: 52%
      • Vitamin B6: 131%
      • Folate (B9): 14%
      • Vitamin B12: 42%
      • Choline: 32%
      • Vitamin C: 170%
      • Vitamin D: 20%
      • Vitamin E: 41%
      • Vitamin K: 12%
      • Arginine: 2.7g
      • Aspartic Acid: 3.9g
      • Glutamate: 6g
      • Glycine: 1.8g
      • Proline: 1.3g
      • Serine: 1.5g
      • Tyrosine: 1.4g
      • Alanine: 2.3g
      • Cystine: 0.4g
      • Amino Acids
      • Histidine: 1.5g
      • Isoleucine: 2g
      • Leucine: 3.3g
      • Methionine: 1g
      • Phenylalanine: 1.6g
      • Threonine: 1.8g
      • Tryptophan: 0.5g
      • Valine: 2.1g
      • Lysine: 3.8g
      • Betaine: 12mg

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