Improved Kentucky Fried Chicken

All the flavour of KFC but healthier. Also known as KFC original recipe, SFC, Southern Fried Chicken.

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Rating: (1)Serves: 8Serve With: ChipsCooking Method: BakeReady In: 50 mins Prep Time: 30 mins Cook Time: 20 mins
Energy Density
19g per serve
4g per serve
7g per serve
12.7g per serve
Suitable for:FreezingHalalKosherPartiesPregnant WomenQuick meals

0BBQ Recipe Collection

The third of my col­lec­tions of recipes is a list of recipes for BBQs.  Everything is inten­ded for cook­ing on a BBQ grill, so side dishes aren’t included in this list.  There is a good range of meat and non-meat options how­ever.

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In this col­lec­tion I have brought togeth­er all the Greek recipes I have that work as meze, and that could be served togeth­er at a Greek themed event.
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I’ve reached a point with my col­lec­tion of recipes where I want to actu­ally bring togeth­er col­lec­tions of recipes that are good for cer­tain situ­ations, for examples parties with buf­fet food, themed din­ner parties, or just day to day fam­ily meals. In the last couple of years I’ve star­ted batch-cook­ing cer­tain meals and freez­ing them for a quick homemade meal on those nights where we’re both home late from work.
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